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Italian Artisan workshop class and summer retrait This is a unique occasion to learn a wide range of historical decorative techniques fundamental to contemporary interior decoration work in a beautiful, inspiring environment, unhurried by the restrictions of shorter classes. Participate in a concentrated series of well organized classes and enjoy lots of individual attention from highly skilled teachers, experts in the field of decoration: Alison Woolley owner-founder of Florenceart.net Studio-school,Roberto Passeri, Marco Cavallini

About the courses: Morning class sessions will be taught by expert teachers. Afternoon sessions will be spent working on studio projects under the supervision of the instructors.Extra studio time is available weekends and evenings for those who want it. Villa Palmerino is a treasure trove of beautiful objects, collected over the years by the artists, restorers and artisans that have owned or been associated with the villa. Our afternoon projects will be the extension of the morning class sessions where you can choose to gain hands on experience in the techniques studied while working on these objects. This application to real world objects is particularly useful for the gilding and furniture decoration segments of the course. The chiaroscuro, mural painting and fresco workshop studio sessions will be executed on canvas and panels which is consistent with professional applications in contemporary interior design. Below you can read more information about the courses and instructors, follow links to detailed descriptions on our studio website, and view 'before' pictures of proposed practical projects at the villa where available. The proposed projects may be subject to variation. - Gilding: Students learn both traditional Italian water gilding techniques as well as modern ‘mordant’ gilding techniques for professional applications. Students learn to understand, differentiate and execute the appropriate type of gilding in different situations. Water gilding techniques are useful for making beautiful decorative panels, gilding on furniture and frames, or for the restoration of antique frames. Mordant gilding techniques are more applicable to interior decoration schemes, ceilings and walls. More course info Studio Projects: On site at the villa we have a choice of antique gilded pieces to be restored, and wooden frames to be gilded. - Furniture Decoration: Students learn the techniques and materials used for the proper preparation of wooden objects, panels and furniture. The program covers the practical use and formulation of gessoes, casein, lime and chalk paints, basic gilding, as well as antiquing techniques and wax finishes for creating Italian and French style historical furniture finishes. More course info Studio Projects: Frames and armoires to be decorated. -Painted ornament, Stencil and Colour :In this course we cover several fundamental rules in the use of color, based on automatic optic responses, and explore how to combine and mix colours. We combine the use of stencils and hand painted ornament for making decorative borders and all-over patterns. Composition and harmony of design in ornamental decoration are explored. This course is very useful for those who would like to decorate both rooms and furniture pieces. More course info Studio Projects: Wall decoration in a studio apartment - Fresco, Sgraffito and Italian Plasters: Students learn true fresco techniques with real lime plaster: how to make fresco plaster with lime and sand, and how to execute decorative work with compatible pigments. These techniques are useful to make high quality decorative panels or for the creation or restoration of decorative frescoes on site, indoors or outdoors. Following on from the study of this traditional medium we will explore the use of commercially available decorative lime plasters and their use in creating naturally ecologically friendly wall finishes, beautiful antique patinas and lime washes. More course info Studio Projects: a decorative panel for the villa's small wine bar is proposed -Chiaroscuro and Mural Techniques : Students learn an historical method for effectively creating trompe l’oeil frames and ornament. This subject matter has a wide practical application; learning the basics of mixing shades and working with light and shadow can be used generally throughout any type of decorative painting. Further to this, students work on making a mural composition which adds the elements of foliage, the imitation of stone and marble, and for those more advanced, the composition of a landscape, with the construction of foreground, middle and background using colour and value to create atmospheric perspective. More course info Studio Projects: Students will work on their own canvases to take home, but we will cover the on site application of decoration painted on canvas.

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