In the beginning of the 15th century, Il Palmerino was built by Ottaviano Antonio di Duccio, believed to be a jeweler to the Medici family, and brother of renowned Renaissance sculptor Agostino d’Antonio di Duccio. In 1545, Palmerino became the property of the Benedetto Papi Palmerini family, and was given its name. “Palmerino” was probably derived from returning Crusaders, who carried palms from the Holy Land. Later, the Villa was transferred to a series of well-known Florentine families: Federighi, Mormorai, and Baldi della Scarperia. In 1855, the property became a monastery for the Friars of Santa Croce.



Following the seizure of church assets in the late 19th century, Count Luigi Uguccioni acquired Il Palmerino, enlarged the house, and sold it, in 1889, to celebrated English author Vernon Lee (Violet Paget). At the Villa, Ms. Paget regularly hosted such literati as Edith Wharton, and Henry James, among others.

At Paget’s death in 1935, the painter Federigo Angeli, and his wife, painter and writer Carola Costa purchased the property. Their children and grandchildren, the current family owners, are active in the Florentine artist community, and host and promote artistic events in the Residenza.