The garden



..."The double line of dark cypress, and the intricate underbrush of rosemary, lavender and Chinese roses, the shimmering meadow of spring daffodils and wild orchids, and here and there the busy buzz of the bees, compose an unforgettable picture"…

                           Janet Ross, Old Florence



In our gardens, imagine yourself in another time, in perfect harmony with the surrounding agricultural landscape- where the end of the garden is indistinguishable from the beginning of the fields-where conversations happen between grape vines and olive trees, and on terraces adorned with iris and ancient roses.

Reminiscent of an English garden, the setting honors each plant's spontaneous and thrilling participation in the lush Tuscany countryside.





Completing the landscape, the Residenza has two "gardens conclusi" enclosed by the property's stone walls, providing our guests with even more privacy.

The trees and bushes also supply welcome shade in summer, providing refreshing coolness after a day spent in sunny Florence.